Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Baruch Hashem some good news at last!
For the past two days, Rochie's general condition has become more stable then it had been over the weekend. There has been noticeable improvement with her heart rate, blood pressure and lungs (although she is not able to breath on her own, she now requires less oxygen). That being said, her neurological state did not show any visible signs of improvement, nor have the doctors offered much hope for any improvement to be expected.

Today Rochie showed the first sign of possible progress. She began moving her leg slightly a number times on her own! Although the doctors have said this could be attributed to a number of causes, they did not rule it out as a sign of improvement.

We are confident that this small step is just the beginning of many more. With Hashem's help, we will have only good news to report on her progress. All of your tefilos and good deeds have definitely had a huge impact; please continue this awesome campaign of courage and faith. It may be difficult to see the results just yet, but we are certain that this great outpour of love and davening has made a real change in her condition. It was clearly visible when Rochie's friends said tehilim and sang in her room two days ago.

Without a doubt, the gates of heaven are shaking from your efforts. If we keep this up and continue to demand of Hashem that Rochie be restored to her home where she belongs, where her husband and little Yosef Yitzchok anxiously await her, certainly this will happen. "Yeshuas hashem k'heref ayin".

The family would like to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. The response has been truly overwhelming. Thank you to the nearly three thousand people who have visited this blog, to the hundreds who have joined in saying tehilim on Facebook. Friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers spanning the globe, who have opened their hearts and books of tehilim. To all those who have taken upon themselves to go the extra mile with ahavas yisrael, tznius etc.
Just a few short days ago, the doctors were ready to give up all hope chass v'sholom... in your merit, she's come as far as she has, and in your merit she will, b'ezras Hashem, continue to improve and recover fully. Amen so may it be His will.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i, one of rochies friends am iy"h going to bake challa this week in her merit.

Anonymous said...

I went to dovid hamelech kever and gave her name to daven at devorah hanovie kever as well i put note at the kosel and her name was given to daven for at kever rochel hashem should listen to my prayers and in the zechus of thease tzadikim she will have speedy recover mamash

Menach said...

Thanks for the good news!

Anonymous said...

rochie has special merits the fact she went to kings brook hospital a real chesed shel emes to visit all the sick people and now that most of thease people returned to hakodesh baruch hu now thease neshomas are fighting for rochie in shmayim and saying hashem she helped me and 30 other say she was there for me when i was very sick and if not for her we would of had more pain and suffering hashem yisbaruch will not let thease neshomas down and they are keep fighting for her in shmayim and with the help of everyone with their unbelievable caring ahavas yisroel there is tremendous terminals in shmayim to fight this bad decree hashem will give her speedy recovery we do not see the light at the end of tunnel now but be strong hold on its coming brocha vhatzlacha besuras tova mamash