Sunday, June 15, 2008

Answers We've Recieved From The Rebbe

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Anonymous said...

Can somebody please translate the jist of these letters?

Anonymous said...

In the first letter the Rebbe writes:

In response to his letter which was dated The Tenth of Sivan, but i received only today...

-this caught my eye because the day i wrote to the Rebbe was.... Tenth of Sivan!-

The letter continues: which you write about your medical condition... It is my opinion that since it is the advice of doctors who are specialists in this field, it is the right thing to do, only he should wait untill after the summer...
And Hashem should lead him in the correct way, and merit him to instill in his students the spirit of the fear of heaven, and enlighten them with Torah and mitzvos in the light of chassidus. The merit of his ancestors will help him as well. This will all serve as a conduit to continue to receive additional blessings in all that he needs.

In the second letter on that page:

I just received his letter from Friday, (also the day i wrote) and it seems that once again his spirit has fallen.. As I've told you a number of times, your faith must be strong. For what purpose are you weakening yourself by thinking of all different types of negative reasons?!

Anonymous said...

The second letter:

In response to your letter about your medical condition, Specifically regarding your eye.

I not too happy about the fact that although your eye has been bothering you for two years now, you never had it checked out until now, but we don't cry over the past. As for now, i think you should seek the advice of two specialists, and try every procedure they think possible before suggesting removing the eye chas veshalom. You should be strong in your bitachon that they will not need to come to this.
Certainly it would be good to be extra careful with observing kiddush and havdalah as chazal say that this affects the eyesight. Also you should put in extra effort in learning chassidus as appropriate to his situation. I await good news from you.
I will read his letter by my father in law's grave site. certainly he will he arouse mercy for him.
With blessing for proper health in all.

In the second letter the Rebbe writes to someone who complained to him that his previous answer affected his health (!)... "I don't understand you... do you rely on me or not? There is no reason for any 'weakness', being my role (as Rebbe) is to heal and give blessings and obviously not the other way around..
As for you inquiry regarding... which you say you are being told that not having it can be life threatening; my father in law was very not fond of hearing such expressions.
You should present all the details before three good friends, and Hashem will give them the right opinion to instruct him in a good way, spiritually and physically.
With blessing for inner peace, sou and body, and to serve Hashem with great abundance.

Anonymous said...

The third and final letter:

In response… I was very happy to learn that you’ve already returned home and feeling better. Hashem should help you that the condition of your health should go from good to better, and you should be able to report good news regarding this.

Regarding your question about your none-Jewish neighbors who are causing you difficulties and you are taking this to heart:

You must be strong and have faith –for all Jews are believers by nature- that Hashem who created the world continues to run it as he wills it, from the smallest detail to the biggest. When only we strengthen our commitment to act in the ways of the Torah, then, as the passuk says, “I fear no evil for you –G-d- are with me” – and no one could do me harm. You must think this over and strengthen your faith. Just as Hashem healed you and allowed you to come home, so too he will grant you a good life together with your husband, free of agony.

I hope you will head my words. Read the Shma before going to bed at night, after you’ve given a few coins to tzdakah. This will strengthen your faith and your health, and you’ll be able to constantly report good news.

With blessing


May Hashem help and ensure that the timeless words of the Rebbe’s blessings be fulfilled immediately!

Leah said...

Thank you for posting the translation of the Letters from the Rebbe. They have really strengthened me and I am looking at this now in a positive light. I can't wait for the happy ending!! As I KNOW it will be I"YH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt in mind that after reading these beautiful and clear letters- there will be a miracle! Please post us all the good news as soon as it happens! Moshiach now!

Ashira said...

Thanki you for those translations. They have really strengthened my positive outlook. Pease keep us posted as the progress happens and may al these precious deeds being done in Rochie's honour bring to the time when all good will be revealed good!! Amen

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for the translations! I would like to take on, bli neder, "Read the Shma before going to bed at night, after you’ve given a few coins to tzdakah", like the Rebbe says in the last letter, in the zechus that Rochie have a complete recovery, NOW!

Anonymous said...

All of these letters are dated the 13th of Av - the date when Rochie's pure soul returned home to it's Father in Heaven. The Rebbe writes in the first letter "In response to his letter which was dated the Tenth of Sivan, but was received only today (the 13th of Av)..."
I was shocked when i noticed that.
What does this all mean?!
Boruch Dayan HaEmes.
May we witness tchiyas hameisim bimheira beyameinu mamash!