Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Rochie!

The 16th of Teves would have been Rochie's 27th birthday.
As we remember our unspeakable loss, we ask Hashem for inspiration to continue the great work of Ahavas Yisrael that Rochie lived for. As we watch in bewilderment the current events happening in the world around us, we can almost feel the very ground shaking from the birth-pangs of Moshiach. We gaze heavenward in prayer for the safety of our nation and the long-overdue redemption. Let the world know no more pain, Hashem, let it be now!

After Rochie's Shiva, one anonymous blogger wrote the following message on this blog. Her/his penetrating words היוצאים מן הלב pretty much sums up what this blog is all about:

After reading Yaakov’s message, I wanted to wanted to post the following thought:
Even not knowing Rochie personally, just seeing her beautiful face and being told of her even more beautiful inside,,,,then reading this,,,,,,the heart aches, the head feels to split, the body doesn't feel to lift itself,,,,,,and yet, there is a drive dormant beneath all this, that awakens one and says: Now, go do the right thing,,,,,do something that will shake the earth and motivate the One Above in the Heavens to bring us back the most beautiful flowers he has plucked, seemingly heartlessly & uncaringly, but we know that He too is so suffering. Hashem: AD MOSAI!