Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let Us Farbreng

"Vos a Chassidishe Farbrengen Ken Oiftun, Afilu Malach Michoel Ken Nisht Oiftun" (A Chassidic Farbrengen can accomplish more than the angel Michoel).

On a conference call earlier this evening, members of Rochie's family committed (bl"n) to organize or participate in a Farbrengen this week.

We invite Rochie's friends and acquaintances to join us in this effort and organize Farbrengens as we lead up to Gimmul Tammuz. Please post your Hachlotos and reports on your Farbrengens here.


Faigy Topp said...

Every week, Yaakov learns with my husband. The Thursday before Shavuos, they were discussing what my husband planned to do for his birthday, which was this past Thursday. Those were the exact words that Yakov told him: "Vos a Chassidishe Farbrengen Ken Oiftun, Afilu Malach Michoel Ken Nisht Oiftun"
Yoel did actually make a farbrengen for his birthday, with that in mind, and every person who came made sure to make atleast one, if not more L'chaims, for a refuah sheleima for Rochie.

Rochie, We're davvening for you all day long!

Anonymous said...

On Thursday night some of Rochies friends got together at the home of Chaya Blachman for a Fabrengen. They said Tehillim gave Tzedoka and made Lechaim for Rochie saying she should walk out of hospital now on her own two feet! The Fabrengen was lead by N D Shusterman who as always told many inspiring stories. One story she said was about a family in Boro Park who lost their mother. The famil took on between themselves to always find someone to say Amen to their Bracha. One day the 6 yr old came home from school and was thirsty. She poured herself a drink but there was noone to answer Amen so she waited. 2 hrs later someone came home she made the Bracha and gulped that drink down. That night her mother came to her in a dream. She told her "you cannot imagine the tumult you caused among the Malochim because you waited 2 hrs. Because of you another kid in your class who has Yene Machla will be completly cured." The girl woke up in fright and ran to tell her father. The next morning he called the teacher who told him indeed there actually was a kid in the class who had just found out she was sick. They called her father and told them the whole story. The child was just about to start chemo. The father told them to redo the testing and they found she was clear. The doctors were dumbfounded. We can see how special is the power of Amen to Hashem.

Mindy said...

Rochie's brothers-in-law, Leibel and Levi each held Farbrengens on Wednesday evening for their friends. 6-8 people participated at each Farbrengen where the discussions centered on Ahavas Yisroel and how each person is a complete world. The Farbrengens lasted until close to 1 am.

Anonymous said...

Rochie's friends held a farbrengan Thursday evening at Chaya B's house, at which eleven of her friends joined together to help speedy up Rochie's recovery. Nu, Hashem.. Ad Mosai?????!!?

Chanie Gourarie said...

Last night, 7 women from the Toms River community participated in a Farbrengen for Rochie's immediate and complete recovery. We spoke about overcoming challenges and serving Hashem with joy. (I used the book called "The Chassidic approach to joy" by Rabbi Majesky, which I thought was great!)

Being that today is also my birthday, and Rochie always rememberes my birthday and always wrote such beautiful Brochos in the sweetest birthday cards, I want to bentch Rochie that she should have an immediate and complete recovery and she should continue to do all the wonderful things she did and more. Rochie should always have true happiness, health, success, and Nachas together with her family. I will always treasure Rochie's friendship and I'm always thinking about her and her wonderful family and Davening for them.