Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Candle Lighting Campaign, Toms River, NJ

on Wednesday, Sivan 16 a special candle lighting workshop will be held for young girls in Toms River, NJ where Rochie's close friend is the Shlucha. The girls will craft their own candlestick, learn about Neiros Shabbos Kodesh and (hopefully) make resolutions to light Shabbos candles. Their Hachlotos and reports will be posted here...


Anonymous said...

me and my whole building completed the tehillim this past shabbos in rochies merit

Leah said...

Nu, so how many yiddishe neshomos made their very own candlestick for this campaign?? I keep checking for an update on your Peulah!!!

Anonymous said...

This afternoon 11 young girls got together to paint and decorate their very own adorable candlesticks.

After explaining the significance of lighting candles, all the mothers filled out a card in which they pledged to light Shabbos candles with their daughters this week and to continue in the following weeks as a merit for Rochie's recovery.

Being that it was also Mushka's birthday, Mushka said Tehillim, Pesukim, and gave Tzedaka with the children.

Here are the names of the women and girls who joined this campaign so far:

Mrs. Tammy Werner
Sara Werner
Mrs. Miryam Surano
Mrs. Jacey Touitou
Arielle Touitou
Jordyn Touitou
Mrs. Jamie Dispoto
Rachel Dispoto
Mrs. Monica Winderbaum
Jilian Winderbaum
Mrs. Rachel Kaufman
Victoria Kaufman
Hannah Kaufman

Here is the link to view pictures of the event.
(paste this URL into your browser, or click on my name.)

Mindy said...

Thanks Chanie for this beautiful Peulah! Rochie would always take such pride in all that you do in Toms River.

monica moray said...

hello i am monica
i wish everything good for this lovely girl who is chani's dear friend.
i am praying with candle lighting as well.
beruch a shem

monica moray said...

my singing name is moray

i live in toms river i am chani's friend too.

may g-d watch over her and all should be ok.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The candle sticks that you made are beautiful!! (Click on the name 'CHANIE' in the comments and you will be sent to the pictures of the candle sticks.) Something really special.

Tamar said...

My daughter Sarah and I are lighting candles in her merit so she should have a rafua shelaimah. We will also be baking challah as well and have joined a mishmeires group. May she recover quickly and rejoin her family and friends! Baruch Hashem!

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