Friday, August 15, 2008

A Message From Yaakov

This is Rochie's husband writing on the blog for the first time – now that my days are no longer divided between playing mommy to Yosef Yitzchok and nurse to Rochie…

I just want to say thank you all for your overwhelming concern for Rochie; for the outpouring of hope, care, friendship…and ultimately grief.

That we did not succeed in bringing a healthy Rochie back home with us and that we left the hospital-turned-motel empty-handed and brokenhearted, in no way lessens the enormous good we have generated over the course of these nine difficult weeks. It in no way cheapens our efforts or diminishes our impact.

Our deeds did help Rochie, although they did not produce the results that we wanted. I have no doubt they made G-d's heart shatter when He finally had to gather Rochie and welcome her precious soul into the highest heavens. As He gently lifted Her from the worn hospital bed, plucking the beautiful rose so fragrant in kind deeds to adorn His heavenly throne, I know His hands trembled. When the nurses turned their heads to avert our gaze and swallowed hard, I know He turned to Rochie and gave her His most comforting, warm, G-dly smile, telling her, "Don't worry; you will never suffer again… and I'll take special care of your child." I also know that Rochie thanks you all for your efforts. She really appreciates all the deeds and prayers and hopes at least some of them will continue for her sake…

As her husband, I stand totally humbled by the tidal wave of loving kindness generated by friends and strangers alike, from all over the globe, from the so very many beautiful members of our eternal and caring nation. To know that so many hearts tried to help is extremely comforting. You can be sure that collectively we literally stormed the heavens and roused the earth for Rochie. And now… the fragments of my own shattered heart throb together in violent grief, but also in gratitude – to you.

So, although the heavens took her neshama and the earth her body, thank you and thank you again. May G-d reward your kindness with joys; may we know no more sorrow; may G-d "remove the tears from every face" by fulfilling His promise and ushering in the final and true Redemption. Then the heavens will return the far too many precious souls we've lent them and the earth will restore their bodies in full health. Then "those who lie in the dust shall arise and dance," including the lively and kindhearted Rochie we know.

Until then we weep – and continue to help each other.



Anonymous said...

Yaakov, our hearts ache at this unthinkable tragedy, for which the Aibishter has a lot of answering to do.
I have no words to say to you, but I am truly humbled by yours.
ומחה ה' דמאה מעל כל פנים


Anonymous said...

Yaakov, my deepest thoughts are with you. I am very sorry for your great loss. There are no words to describe how I feel.

Elozor Yudasin

Anonymous said...

imagine what a Tzadeikes she was if she finished her tafkid on this earth at the age of 26!

I'm sorry for your loss. there are no words to describe the pain I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

What tragic news,,,,what is there to say at such a difficult time...we REALY REALLY NEED MOSHIACH we cannot get used to this golus, we need to BEG Hashem to bring the Geula and reunite us with all our loved ones...we as a Lubavitch COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE need to put our differences aside and and really start having AHAVAS YISROEL- the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed with sinas Chinom- it must be rebiult through our efforts of being more kind to our fellow jews,Rochi was the TRUE example of what it means to have real AHAVAS YISROEL...AND WE HAVE TO MAKE HER A LIVING LEGACY! and IYH we will really be zoche to see MOSHIACH TODAY!!!!!
Ad Mosai...Ad Mosai....Ad Mosai

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers are with you! May you all be comforted with the mourners of Zion.

Chai Basha (NYC)

Unknown said...

she was my favoriye teacher i will sorely miss her.

love ady fox

ps. if there is any thing in honor of mrs. paley a''h please email it to me .

i was in tears when i heard which was two days ago!