Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rochie's Birthday

This Shabbos, the 16th of Teves, is Rochie's birthday. Her new perek Tehillim is 29.

The following was compiled by Rabbi Chaim Dalfin for In memory of Rabbi Gavriel & Rebbetzin Rivkah Holtzberg HYD

The Rebbe's Advice #138 - Celebrating a deceased child’s birthday

It is appropriate to celebrate the day of a deceased child’s birthday by doing all the normal customs associated with a birthday and giving tzedaka in his memory. The amount of tzedaka should correspond to the numerical equivalent of the child’s name. A chasidic farbrengen should be made in conjunction with the birthday.
Sefer Hechel Menachem, Volume 3, pp. 55-56

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remembering Rochie

We would like to thank all of you who took the time to share your memories of Rochie with us. Here is a link to the collection of stories published in honor of Rochie's first Yahrzeit:

first yahrzeit 13 Menachem Av, 5769 click here

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Rochie!

The 16th of Teves would have been Rochie's 27th birthday.
As we remember our unspeakable loss, we ask Hashem for inspiration to continue the great work of Ahavas Yisrael that Rochie lived for. As we watch in bewilderment the current events happening in the world around us, we can almost feel the very ground shaking from the birth-pangs of Moshiach. We gaze heavenward in prayer for the safety of our nation and the long-overdue redemption. Let the world know no more pain, Hashem, let it be now!

After Rochie's Shiva, one anonymous blogger wrote the following message on this blog. Her/his penetrating words היוצאים מן הלב pretty much sums up what this blog is all about:

After reading Yaakov’s message, I wanted to wanted to post the following thought:
Even not knowing Rochie personally, just seeing her beautiful face and being told of her even more beautiful inside,,,,then reading this,,,,,,the heart aches, the head feels to split, the body doesn't feel to lift itself,,,,,,and yet, there is a drive dormant beneath all this, that awakens one and says: Now, go do the right thing,,,,,do something that will shake the earth and motivate the One Above in the Heavens to bring us back the most beautiful flowers he has plucked, seemingly heartlessly & uncaringly, but we know that He too is so suffering. Hashem: AD MOSAI!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rochies Friendship Network; Mommy n Me

As Rochie's friends and family, we wanted to create a program in Rochie's memory that would personify all of her many qualities. We decided on something that would fulfill at least two criteria: the participants would be her peers and the goal would include creating a forum to initiate and solidify friendships amongst young women. We voted on an innovative and exciting group for mothers and their young children. The weekly meetings will take off after Yomim Tovim IYH, and will include curricula developed by skilled early-childhood professionals, monthly music and movement exercises with popular local artists… and most importantly of all, opportunities for big and little people to share and help each other. If you would like to get involved in administrating the program or to receive updates on our events, email or call 718-467-8761 (day) or 718-363-8893 (eve).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rochie (Tauber) Paley Achos HaTmimim Campaign

Dear Friends and Classmates,

We hope this email finds you well.

It is difficult to believe that it will soon be one month since the neshama of our dear friend, Chaya Rochel bas Yissachar Dov yblch"t, departed from this world. We are all left in a painful place, struggling to make sense out of this dark galus and to find meaning in this terrible tragedy.

In an effort to channel these powerful feelings into a positive place, we are launching the Rochie (Tauber) Paley Ahavas Yisroel Campaign. As Rochie's friends from high school and beyond, we worked hard to think of a way we could bring the message of Rochie's genuine Ahavas Yisroel to teenage girls in the Crown Heights community.

Some of you may have heard of the highly successful Achos HaTmimim programs in the local girls high schools. Participants work hard to earn points in a wide range of areas and those that earn a specific number of points are rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip to Israel. The incentive is a fabulous one and it attracts the participation of more than 75% of the student body.

The program coordinators in local high schools have agreed to implement a new way for girls to earn additional points. The updated Ahavas Yisroel section will be dedicated in Rochie's honor and we are sure that the increase in acts of kindness towards fellow classmates will be a great zechus for her neshama. In return, we have pledged to cover the costs of one trip. Based on last year's expenses, the projected cost will be $3,000.

If we each participate - however much or little - we'll be able to reach our goal. Help make it happen by clicking here to contribute via PayPal or credit card. Please feel free to share this message with friends and family.

May we share only good news.

Kesiva v'Chasima Tova

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rochie's Shloshim Tonight

Rochie's friends will be gathering tonight (Thursday) at 827 Montgomery st. at 8:00 in honor of the Shloshim. Primarily, it is for Rochie's classmates, but others who wish to attend are welcome.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mikvah Chaya Rochel

By Rochel Leigh; Cambridge, UK

I had just arrived in Montreal to attend Bais Chaya Mushka Seminary from over the Atlantic, and Rosh Hashana was upon us. The Sem closed for Yom Tov and the students were expected to return to their families or be placed with the Seminary placement scheme. Not having family in Crown Heights, another English girl and I began to search for other options… Rochie was one of our dorm-mates and suggested we go and "help a Shliach" for Yom Tov; she would organize it and join our group making it a threesome. I was taken care of!

We had an amazing experience in Vermont that Rosh Hashana and our friendship blossomed during our two years together in Montreal.

Rochie was deeply proud of her family and grateful for the envious position she held – having a home in Crown Heights and many contacts. Being Rochie, she desperately wanted to share these gifts with others and soon established a name for herself among the out-of-towners as an address for hospitality. If Rochie was unable to find a space for someone to stay in her parent's incredibly hospitable home, she would not rest until she had found a space somewhere else through her network of contacts.

An excellent hostess, Rochie would often arrange Farbrengens, parties and learning groups. No occasion would go unmarked and no detail would be left out. On one occasion she showed up with a portable strawberry ambrosia cocktail bar, another time with an assortment of chocolate and peanut butter themed desserts; or, if she was really pressed for time – a nut display. I once found myself being shlept to a designer kitchenware showcase evening, "a small gathering," Rochie assured me, "a friend of mine is running it and she needs numbers; you don't have to buy anything – just show up." Rochie dutifully bought a handful of products and all the way home she excitedly discussed with me who each gadget would be for and what a great initiative this was on her friend's part… Rochie was always thinking about others.

As our peer group matured, married and started families, Rochie's many kindnesses branched outwards. She became the address for shower parties, new baby gifts, job vacancies, tutoring opportunities and the person to call for Mazel Tov updates.

After Rochie's engagement to my brother Yaakov, my closest sibling in age, Rochie would call me every other day. Her excitement was contagious and her happiness palpable. The wedding was a beautiful Simcha.

On the 9th of Av a year ago they were blessed with a charming and happy baby boy, the lovable sort of child who attracts complete strangers with his warm smiles and alert expressions. For her precious Yosef Yitzchok only the best would do. When Y.Y. came to stay he needed a good sized wooden crib, with matching bumpers all the way around. He only played with clean fresh soft toys that had not been handled by older children, to protect him from unnecessary illness. His meals were delicately balanced, homemade; three course affairs, each in their own containers, and each with their own spoon. He was the best traveled baby as he spent hours being walked up and down the streets in a stroller to get him off to a peaceful mid day nap. I was inspired by her dedication to every detail of Yosef Yitzchok's routine, the effort she invested into his most formative year, the gift of a mother's love that will surely last a lifetime.

Tragically, at 3am on Thursday morning, Av 13, Hashem took back our Rochie, leaving us shattered and broken hearted.

During the week of Shivah, my husband and I sat talking night after night about what we could do to honour her memory; something that would be elegant and dignified, that would symbolise her outstanding qualities of modesty and her commitment to bringing joy to the home.

We have decided to dedicate a mikvah in Cambridge to Rochie: Mikvah Chaya Rochel will carry her name and promote her message of modesty and unity.

Please visit to contribute towards the Mikvah fund.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Now?!

Dearest Friends and Former Strangers

Our tremendous loss has left us feeling paralyzed. During the Shiva, we shared fond memories of Rochie, but for the most part, we were dumbstruck by the unbelievable reality. How do we get our minds around this notion that tomorrow morning we will wake up once again to a world without Rochie?! It is true Hashem's greatest gifts are often taken for granted, but this is how we get through the day, this is how we are able to rest at night; feeling secure, knowing that tomorrow everything will be just as we left it. Like the sun that rises each morning to warm our constant and seemingly stable world, we always knew Rochie would be there... With her steadfast courage, character and staunch support of whoever she met. In her inconspicuous ways, she cared for each of us. We knew she was our friend through thick and thin, and we fed off her quite but unyielding love and energy. Rochie would always be there... if all else failed, Rochie would be there....
With this swift painful blow, we are realizing how she was such a big part of our life, our happiness. With Rochie's unique manner so subtle as it was, we were not always conscious of how much it meant to us, and will forever struggle to put it into words.

Whom to turn to at a time like this?! Who can support and encourage us when our source of courage has been taken from us?!

How do we move on Roch?! We all know the answer. We all'd rather just ask the question and curl up in a ball, but we know you won't let us. There's work to do: we need to finish -or at least 'carry on'- what you started.

For the short time allotted to you, you merited to live up to what you always wanted to be: a true Chassid; a soldier. You had such a unique gift, having the ability to see everything though a crystal-clear lens; the big picture always prevalent, constantly in focus. If something went wrong, why sit and brood over what may have been, instead, make something happen.

Alas, we will do as you taught us. Our heavy hearts and confused minds try to pin us down, but we haven't lost you completely Roch, you are right here with us, pushing us forward. As one anonymous blogger put it so well:

After reading Yaakov’s message, I wanted to wanted to post the following thought:
Even not knowing Rochie personally, just seeing her beautiful face and being told of her even more beautiful inside... then reading this.... the heart aches, the head feels to split, the body doesn't feel to lift itself.... and yet, there is a drive dormant beneath all this, that awakens one and says: Now, go do the right thing... do something that will shake the earth and motivate the One Above in the Heavens to bring us back the most beautiful flowers he has plucked, seemingly heartlessly & uncaringly, but we know that He too is so suffering. Hashem: AD MOSAI!

The greater the tragedy, the greater the response must be. The night could only be so dark because Hashem knows we can counter with an even greater light. A friend sent me a video which inspired me to write these lines. Perhaps it will help others as well, knowing that in this mission we are not alone, and it has been done before. Here is the link.

With Hashem's help, Rochie's Friendship Network will continue to grow and make Rochie proud. In Rochie's world, first and foremost was love and respect for a fellow Jew, then came everything else. Didn't matter who you were or where you came from, didn't matter who you were connected to or what you had to offer in return.
My father recounted during the Shiva, when they (my parents) would ask her opinion for a Shidduch, she could only bring herself to say the positive things she knew about the person, the rest they had to read between the lines...
Our community, as all, faces constant challenges. This can easily discourage a proactive attitude. But Rochie has shown us how easy it is to rise above it all when help is needed. With that kind of positive outlook towards a fellow Jew, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

The Rebbe told us he's done all he could, now it's up to us. Rochie did all she could to bring Moshiach, now it's up to us to get her back.

Together, we can do it.

One thing's certain; we have our work cut out for us, as my brother put it when we got up from Shiva yesterday: It's a good thing Rochie has such as large network, who knows how many it will take to make up for all the Chesed she provided! Let us act sooner then later.

If you have any suggestions as to how Rochie's Friendship Network can offer services to those who need it most, and what ideas can be used to create a a long-lasting and active network, please post or email us.

May Hashem repay you all tenfold for your efforts.

p.s. Thank you to all who have sent in their memories of Rochie. We will be posting them shortly. If you haven't submitted your "Rochie Story" yet, please do to

Monday, August 18, 2008

Please Share With Us

Over the course of the next few days, we will be posting memories of Rochie on this blog. If you have any Rochie "moments" we would greatly appreciate your sharing it with us.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Message From Yaakov

This is Rochie's husband writing on the blog for the first time – now that my days are no longer divided between playing mommy to Yosef Yitzchok and nurse to Rochie…

I just want to say thank you all for your overwhelming concern for Rochie; for the outpouring of hope, care, friendship…and ultimately grief.

That we did not succeed in bringing a healthy Rochie back home with us and that we left the hospital-turned-motel empty-handed and brokenhearted, in no way lessens the enormous good we have generated over the course of these nine difficult weeks. It in no way cheapens our efforts or diminishes our impact.

Our deeds did help Rochie, although they did not produce the results that we wanted. I have no doubt they made G-d's heart shatter when He finally had to gather Rochie and welcome her precious soul into the highest heavens. As He gently lifted Her from the worn hospital bed, plucking the beautiful rose so fragrant in kind deeds to adorn His heavenly throne, I know His hands trembled. When the nurses turned their heads to avert our gaze and swallowed hard, I know He turned to Rochie and gave her His most comforting, warm, G-dly smile, telling her, "Don't worry; you will never suffer again… and I'll take special care of your child." I also know that Rochie thanks you all for your efforts. She really appreciates all the deeds and prayers and hopes at least some of them will continue for her sake…

As her husband, I stand totally humbled by the tidal wave of loving kindness generated by friends and strangers alike, from all over the globe, from the so very many beautiful members of our eternal and caring nation. To know that so many hearts tried to help is extremely comforting. You can be sure that collectively we literally stormed the heavens and roused the earth for Rochie. And now… the fragments of my own shattered heart throb together in violent grief, but also in gratitude – to you.

So, although the heavens took her neshama and the earth her body, thank you and thank you again. May G-d reward your kindness with joys; may we know no more sorrow; may G-d "remove the tears from every face" by fulfilling His promise and ushering in the final and true Redemption. Then the heavens will return the far too many precious souls we've lent them and the earth will restore their bodies in full health. Then "those who lie in the dust shall arise and dance," including the lively and kindhearted Rochie we know.

Until then we weep – and continue to help each other.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baruch Dayan Ha'emes

Thursday morning, 13 Av, 3:00 am, Hashem took back our Rochie, claiming his, and what was most precious to us. Words cannot describe...

ובלע המות לנצח
"And Hashem will annihilate death forever and will wipe the tears from upon every face."

When will this darkness end...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Join The Hakhel Party

A new year is approaching, and in the undercurrent of every Chossid's "Elul-wind" is a special urgency: the year of Hakhel is upon us. The Rebbe transformed Hakhel from a rare event involving the King's recitation of the Torah, to a widespread campaign obligating every one of us to inspire our sphere of influence.

Hakhel is considered so vital, that on Sukkos, Shnas Hakhel 5748, the Rebbe veered from the way he had observed the Friediker Rebbe unite the arbah minim during the recitation of Hallel. "Despite personal hardship and raising a notion, chas veshalom, of a lack of hiskashrus to my Rebbe," the Rebbe later stated, "I held the lulav and esrog together so extensively to affect the great unity of Hakhel!"

Fellow Chassidim, mekusharim of the Rebbe! As Hakhel approaches, let's internalize the Rebbe's act of mesiras nefesh. It's time to reexamine our loyalty to the Lulav party and ensuing exclusion of Rabbi or Rebbetzin Esrog on the grounds of our hiskashrus to our Rebbe. It's time to surrender our sanctions and evasions, our disputes and partisan relationships and gather all branches together in pursuit of the ultimate candidate.

Vote Hakhel!

Please post your hachlatos for increasing in Hakhel and hiskashrus L'iluy Nishmas Chaya Rochel Bas Yissachar Dov YIBLCH"T.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Yosef Yitzchok

Sunday (Tisha B'av) was Yosef Yitzchok Paley's first birthday! We hope Rochie will join him soon to celebrate.

Please continue to daven for her complete refuah. If you would like to say a yom Tehilim for her every day, email Also, if you've already taken a yom and you would like to pass it on to someone else, please notify via this email address and we will remove you from the list.

Thank you all once again.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Siyum Tonight

Tonight, Wednesday at 8:00 there will be a siyum at our home, 536 Crown st. for Rochie's immediate recovery.

We apologize for not updating until now, unfortunately there hasn't been anything to report. With Hashem's help we will have good news to report very soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chag Hageulah Farbrengens

Dear Friends

Following the Rebbe's directive, we will be sponsoring several Yud Beis Tammuz farbrengens in Rochie's zechus. Please inform us if you have organized a farbrengen for Rochie. May it be a true day of redemption for Yocheved Chaya Rochel with a complete and speedy refuah. Amen

Thank you all for continuing your tehilim, tefilos and good deeds.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Please Have Rochie In Mind At The Ohel

Dear Friends

On this auspicious day, we hope your tefilos will be answered. Rochie's been unconscious for more then three weeks now, and she needs your prayers now more then ever. Over Shabbos Rochie was more stable and she began moving her legs again. But her condition remains very serious and fragile. We hope that with Hashem help she will continue to improve and be restored to full health very soon.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and great work

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to the more then 4,000 people from over 80 cities world-wide who have visited this blog, to the more then 200 people who have posted hachlotos they have taken upon themselves and the acts of goodness they have done on Rochi'e behalf. Also, over 400 people have taken upon themselves to say tehilim every day, thanks to each and every one of you, as well as all who have joined the tehillim group on facebook; over 700 and counting!

Thank you to all of you who have gone the extra mile, made the extra phone call, and done the extra deed. Special thanks to all who have organized the tehillim groups, farbrengens, shiurim, challah baking etc. etc. Rochie's network has grown in great numbers thanks to you,and Rochie thanks you all for the tremendous chizzuk you have given her. Please continue your efforts! We are positive that your mitzvos have helped her until now, and that they will continue to. May we merit to a yeshua immediately so that Rochie opens her beautiful eyes and fully recovers, may it be now. Amen

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Survivor's Tale

Earlier this year my Jewish family the world over prayed for me and took on hachlatos for me when my life hung in the balance. I have no doubt that this is why H-shem has restored me to my family, including my 9-month old baby. The wonderful women of Worcester who shook Heaven for me are likewise praying for Rochie. My children and I decided to carefully say "Asher Yatzar" from a chart or siddur, knowing the powerful connection between this bracha and health. In addition we will pray for her each day at bedtime, hoping that she too will very soon be putting her little one to bed in perfect health! Refuah Shleimah and Moshiach Now!

Yona Rivka Kimelman
Worcester, MA

28 Sivan Farbrengen Tonight in 770

In honor of 28 Sivan, a Farbrengen will be held TONIGHT – 28 SIVAN, 9:30pm, in 770, with Rabbi Dovid Eidelman, Shliach in Springfield, Mass. Rabbi Eidelman was on the welcoming committee on 28 Sivan, 5701 when the Rebbe arrived on American shores.

28 Sivan is an especially auspicious day to make Farbrengens as it is the day that the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin were miraculously saved from war-stricken Europe. Their arrival in America was a key event that began a new era in spreading Torah, Yiddishkeit, and the wellsprings of Chassidus "Chutza" to "Chatzi Kadur Hatachton"

The Farbrengen is organized L'zchus Yocheved Chaya Rochel bas Esther Malka
L'Refuah Shleimah Ukroivah.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


While there are no visible improvements to report, Rochie continues to be fairly stable as we wait for the answer to all our t'fillos.

All your sentiments, t'fillos and offers for help are a tremendous source of Chizuk to the family and we appreciate all your efforts tremendously. Please continue to say your tehillim and increase in Ahavas Yisroel and Maasim Tovim in her Z'chus. May we share only B'suros Tovos.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Machsom L'Fi

I am starting a 40 day Machsom L'Fi for Rochie, wherein participants choose one or two hours in which they pay particular attention to their speech and listening in the merit of Rochie's full and speedy recovery (it should be much sooner than 40 days!)Anyone interested in joining, please contact Chayamiriam at

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let Us Farbreng

"Vos a Chassidishe Farbrengen Ken Oiftun, Afilu Malach Michoel Ken Nisht Oiftun" (A Chassidic Farbrengen can accomplish more than the angel Michoel).

On a conference call earlier this evening, members of Rochie's family committed (bl"n) to organize or participate in a Farbrengen this week.

We invite Rochie's friends and acquaintances to join us in this effort and organize Farbrengens as we lead up to Gimmul Tammuz. Please post your Hachlotos and reports on your Farbrengens here.

Sunday Morning Update

Rochie's overall condition has not improved since we last updated. her blood pressure has been stable at times but not always. Please continue to daven for her as we desperately need some divine intervention.

We thank all of her friends who came to visit her on shabbos as well as all of you who have been thinking of her and davening for her the past few days. We are sure this has given Rochie tremendous chizzuk.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keep The Ideas Coming

Here are some of the wonderful ideas that have been posted. We will try to post more ideas as they come.

Anonymous said...

In Crown Heights there is a Kingsbrook Jewish nursing home where there is minyan every Shabbos, and they are always in need of people to help visit and feed patients. We know that Bikur Cholim takes away 1/60th of the sickness. The mitzvah of bikur cholim is so great a person who does this great mitzvah merits Olem Haba. In the Zechus of this great Mitzvah which is considered "Chesed Shel Emes", Hashem should grant a speedy recovery to Rochie. May Hashem Yisbarach have Rachmim! Ad mosai ad mosai enough is enough we need the Geula!
To volunteer contact Michoel Chazzan 718-604-5530

Leah said...

Just to comment on the previous post, I have been thinking the past few days of organizing people to go to the Kings Brook nursing home, as practically every Shabbos, as an elementary and high school girl Rochie volunteered her Shabbos to go to this nursing home and to bring some joy and happiness to the patients, either through singing, feeding, smiling and wishing them a Good Shabbos or just plain old encouragement for the patients families. To the previous comment: YOUR COMMENT AND SUGGESTION COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE APPROPRIATE!!


Ashira said...

Rochie, as i think of you, i hear your voice full of encouragement and positivity and i see your warm and friendly smile. Rochie you are in my mind and my tefillos constantly. In your merit i am going to put extra kavana into the brocha of refoeinu 3 times a day BLN. Throughout the day as i am confronted my life's everyday choices, I keep thinking of you and it really helps me to choose the better option. Refuah Shleima Rochie. Tracht gut vet zein gut. Teshuas Hashem Kheref ayin.


Chana said...

Rochie, a truly positive person you are - I am going to try to see the positive in people and the situations around me, rather than being quick to be critical and judgmental. Hashem should see how your friends around you are adding in so many good ways and give you a quick complete recovery NOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

I take upon myself to think a positive thought about a about any person I may be inclined to judge. I also have added a daily Tehillim segment for a Refuah Sheleima for Rochie. Hashem, please see the unity of Your people in Rochie's merit and take down any barriers for a full and speedy recovery for Rochie right now!



I have said tehillim in her merit.
The Alter of Novardhok once advised the relatives of a sick person to hire two bachurs to say Amen Yehei Shemei Rabba with complete kavannah to merit a complete recovery for their family member. Our Sages promise explicitly that this said with kavannah nullifies evil decrees. While this sounds entirely simplistic, it must be taken very seriously as these are the words of chazal.
The children who attend her shul should also be gathered and told to answer to the kaddish (with the encouragement of a little candy and an understanding of the prayer's importance) enthusiastically. This has proven to be tremendously helpful not only for the recovery of ill people but also for childless couples. For more information on the power of Amen, please refer to Esther Stern's book, "Just one word-Amen". May she merit refuah b'ruchnios and b'gashmius. AMEN!!!

Challah For Refuah

Several of Rochie's friends and classmates have committed to perform this special women's Mitzvah in her Z'chus this week. Thanks Shoshi for coordinating this effort. Please post here if you've joined this initiative.

Women in London and Manchester, England are networking to create groups of 40 women to bake Challah and have Rochie in mind L'Refuah Shleimah.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Baruch Hashem some good news at last!
For the past two days, Rochie's general condition has become more stable then it had been over the weekend. There has been noticeable improvement with her heart rate, blood pressure and lungs (although she is not able to breath on her own, she now requires less oxygen). That being said, her neurological state did not show any visible signs of improvement, nor have the doctors offered much hope for any improvement to be expected.

Today Rochie showed the first sign of possible progress. She began moving her leg slightly a number times on her own! Although the doctors have said this could be attributed to a number of causes, they did not rule it out as a sign of improvement.

We are confident that this small step is just the beginning of many more. With Hashem's help, we will have only good news to report on her progress. All of your tefilos and good deeds have definitely had a huge impact; please continue this awesome campaign of courage and faith. It may be difficult to see the results just yet, but we are certain that this great outpour of love and davening has made a real change in her condition. It was clearly visible when Rochie's friends said tehilim and sang in her room two days ago.

Without a doubt, the gates of heaven are shaking from your efforts. If we keep this up and continue to demand of Hashem that Rochie be restored to her home where she belongs, where her husband and little Yosef Yitzchok anxiously await her, certainly this will happen. "Yeshuas hashem k'heref ayin".

The family would like to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. The response has been truly overwhelming. Thank you to the nearly three thousand people who have visited this blog, to the hundreds who have joined in saying tehilim on Facebook. Friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers spanning the globe, who have opened their hearts and books of tehilim. To all those who have taken upon themselves to go the extra mile with ahavas yisrael, tznius etc.
Just a few short days ago, the doctors were ready to give up all hope chass v'sholom... in your merit, she's come as far as she has, and in your merit she will, b'ezras Hashem, continue to improve and recover fully. Amen so may it be His will.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shiur For Boys Tonight @ALIYA

BE"H we will be starting a nightly shiur on Ahavas Yisrael in Rochie's zechus. The shiur will be held at ALIYA; 527 East New York Ave. (near Brooklyn Ave) at 8:30.

If anyone is interested in starting a similar program for girls at ALIYA, please contact us at ALIYA is looking to increase it's activities for girls. The need is great and there's no better time then now!

May we merit to hear good news b'karov.

Candle Lighting Campaign, Toms River, NJ

on Wednesday, Sivan 16 a special candle lighting workshop will be held for young girls in Toms River, NJ where Rochie's close friend is the Shlucha. The girls will craft their own candlestick, learn about Neiros Shabbos Kodesh and (hopefully) make resolutions to light Shabbos candles. Their Hachlotos and reports will be posted here...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Resolutions in Tznius

This past shabbos a group of Rochie's friends from Seminary got together to learn in her zechus. Knowing how careful Rochie always is with the mitzvah of tznius they decided to make a campaign to encourage others to take on a Hachlota to improve in their tznius.

Bassie, Dina, Rochel and Baila came up with a flyer where people were given suggestions of different hachlotas they could make.

At the junior Nshei event on Monday, Sivan 15, these letters were distributed and they encouraged people to take on a Hachlota in Rochie's Zechus. Many people who knew Rochie were there and first learned about her situation. Rochie's friends talked to them and many were visibly moved to take on Hachlotas in Rochie's Zechus.

70 people responded immediately and submitted Hachlotas right away. Others took the flyer home and said they would take care of it on their own.

The flyer was also emailed to many contacts and we hope will make a big impact on a lot of people.

If you made a Hachlota as a result of this campaign and did not return the paper to Rochie's friends, feel free to post your Hachlota here.

Thanks to all who were involved.


We'de like to thank Shmuli Zalmanov who has set up a webpage where the entire Tehilim is being divided amongst family and friends. See to participate.

There is also a Facebook group where Rochie's friends are going through the tehilim numerous times. Click here to see the group. Thank you Sarede for your effort!

Thank you all for sharing your commitments and wishes on this blog. We thank all who are praying and ask that you please continue to do so.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

About Rochie's Friendship Network

B"H Sunday 12 Sivan June 15

Rochie is a 26-year old mother currently in critical condition. On Wednesday, Isru Chag shavuot (June 11) she failed to wake up in the morning, and shortly thereafter went into cardiac arrest. She was revived and is now in a coma and on life support, and although her heart is thank G-d beating, the doctors say she needs a miracle. We do not know what caused this, as she was perfectly healthy with no previous medical problems. Her husband, 11-month-old-child, parents, brothers and sisters, and her many, many friends all over the world are all praying for her to be restored to us. The doctors and hospital staff are doing their part, but she desperately needs our prayers and good deeds to aid her recovery.

Rochie's family and friends have created this blog as a place to log our efforts on her behalf. Please join us!

If there is one thing that characterizes Rochie it is her devotion and caring as a friend. We therefore felt that the most appropriate way to aid her recovery is by increasing our own commitment to helping others and being a true friend to someone who needs us to be there for them. Do you know anyone who needs a hand at home, someone who needs a shidduch, a loan, an encouraging word or two? Do it today instead of tomorrow in Rochie's merit!

Please use the comment section of this post to post the things you will and have done in Rochie's merit, and to view the ideas suggested by others.

Answers We've Recieved From The Rebbe

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